A Revolution against the Evolution of a Life (List)

I once wrote that my Life List includes the things I truly want to do before I die. While that isn’t a lie, it isn’t the whole truth. I had settled. I accepted a list of desires that seemed reasonable given the way my life had evolved. I have since decided to revolt against that complacency that I veiled in the excuse of having a son to raise.

Raising my son, Finley, is my top priority. Teaching him to be a man is my most important job; it is a gift I give to him and to the world. That gift would be incomplete if he learns through my words and actions that dreaming–and fighting for those dreams–is foolish or wasteful.I revolt not just for him, though. I revolt for the girl who poured romantic poetry from her mind to the page. I revolt for the young woman who watched the sun come up over Paris from the back of a motorcycle. I revolt for the woman who may have more wrinkles but is still young at heart.

And so I make only one New Year’s Resolution: to dream bigger and with more optimism. In undertaking that one resolution, I can achieve and experience and give so many things. Contemplating that fact gives me an immediate sense of being blessed (and a blessing).

And whether it’s this year or twenty years from now, I hope those blessings include the Life List additions below.

Happy New You!

Life List additions

  • Visit Machu Picchu, Peru, hopefully with my dad, who at a very ripe age hiked the Grand Canyon and rafted down the Colorado River. I hope the old man still has it in him.
  • Visit Petra, Jordan.
  • Take a family trip to the Oregon Vortex.
  • Take a family trip to Washington, DC.
  • Dance in the rain with my husband in plain view of other people.
  • Write a book. (I just can’t seem to shake this one. I guess I’ll have to do it.)
  • Join a local volunteer organization and invite family members to participate in activities with me.
  • Donate platelets at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
  • Organize a neighborhood yard sale.
  • Create a place–in both space and time–for meditation and yoga.

2 thoughts on “A Revolution against the Evolution of a Life (List)

  1. All of those are fine and worthy goals, and still the one that will remain long after your are dead and gone from this earth will be the man you built and left behind.

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